Aldo innovates to attract fashion-savvy customers and their friends

Aldo innovates to attract fashion-savvy customers and their friendsIn the fashion industry, looks are important. ALDO, a shoes  and accessories company based in Canada, knew that the marketing campaign for  their “A is for ALDO” nail polish line would have to look good if they wanted  to attract a community of fashion-savvy customers and their friends.

In early December, ALDO launched their digital marketing campaign through a  microsite called AisforALDO. The main feature of the new website was  an interactive quiz that offered users the chance to find their “perfect” nail  polish based on their personality.

Enter Instagram, a photo sharing application that allows users to take photos and  share it on the service or other social networking websites. When users started  the quiz on AisforALDO, they were  asked to choose eight Instagram photos that they liked. Then, ALDO revealed  what those photos said about that user’s personality, as well as which nail  polish the company recommended based on those results.

From there, users could share their quiz results, along with the Instagram  images, in a cool-looking “mood board” tailored to look impressive on Facebook  Timeline. The mood boards were also easy to share on mobile devices since  Instagram is more popular on smartphones and tablets than laptops or desktop  computers.

ALDO was the first company to Instagram and Facebook in this manner. Not only  did their campaign display a sophisticated understanding of social media, but  it also created visual appeal that is invaluable in the fashion industry. It is  quite possible that, in the near future, we will see more brands combine  image-sharing and social networking to create engaging campaigns full of  eye-candy ripe for the sharing.

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