Google makes it easier to leverage Paid Search for larger advertisers.

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? For over a decade, advertisers have used Google AdWords to create ads based on a set of relevant search words and phrases. When people search on Google, these ads appear as “sponsored links” above and to the right of the “organic,” or regular, SEO search results.

Fast-forward to 2012, and Google is sucessfully beta-testing a revolutionary new way to generate ads for larger search campaigns: Dynamic Search Ads.

Who Is It For

Dynamic Search Ads will benefit companies that operate websites with hundreds of products and/or services that frequently change. Dynamic Search Ads can help these companies get more complete ad exposure, while reducing the effort of maintaining ads, keywords, and destination URLs., a real estate website with constantly changing inventory, says it saw a 50% increase in conversions at an average cost-per-conversion that’s 73% less than their normal search ads. This means a lot from a company that’s already a seasoned paid search marketer with campaigns of up to 15 million keywords!

What It Does

Dynamic Search Ads target relevant searches with ads generated directly from your web site. When a relevant search occurs, Google automatically generates an ad, but holds it back for any search where you already have a keyword-targeted ad. As a result, your company can gain greater reach in search results due to more exposure to a larger variety of your product inventory without disrupting your existing keyword campaigns.

Why You’d Use It

Dynamic Search Ads complement your existing keyword-based campaigns to deliver more clicks and conversions with less effort.

According to Google, 16% of all daily searches are fresh and never seen before. This means that even the best AdWords campaigns containing thousands of keywords are likely to miss relevant searches, experience delays getting ads written for new products, or get out of sync with what’s actually available on your website. Dynamic Search Ads keep your AdWords campaigns coordinated with what you’re selling and what users are searching for right now.

Things are looking pretty good for Dynamic Search Ads. Google has reported a significant rise in clicks and conversions since the beta version launched. If these results last, then Dynamic Search Ads may transition out of beta more quickly than expected. After all, if it helps both advertisers and users, then it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

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