3 Pinterest Marketing Trends for Nonprofits

3 Pinterest Marketing Trends for NonprofitsSince Pinterest is the hottest new social media platform, many businesses are trying to figure out how to turn the website into a profitable tool. But businesses are not alone – nonprofits are experimenting with ways to engage their audience. There seems to be three main trends among nonprofits:

1. Pinterest is meant for engaging storytelling.
Pinterest is one of the most visual platforms out there. The folks at charity: water have a board called “Photo of the Day,” which they hope will become a daily source of inspiration, a reminder that people can fix the water crisis. The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network uses Pinterest to provide helpful content for all individuals who have been affected by pancreatic cancer by posting images of survivors, researchers, and other inspirational pictures. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) uses Pinterest to share animal e-Cards that users can share with their friends.

2. Let’s use Pinterest to encourage fundraising on our main website.
Most nonprofits know that fundraising is a key component of fulfilling their mission, but Pinterest might not be the best place to directly ask for donations because users are focused on storytelling. A hefty majority of Pinterest users (80%) are female, and these donors are a large and growing force. If nonprofits want to attract more of this increasingly influential philanthropic force, there’s no better platform than Pinterest.

A charity called Jolkona uses Pinterest to post videos that provide a call to action and raise money by adding videos to offer additional emotion that pictures don’t. Amnesty International pins items on its site, ranging from shopping poverty statistics to ways to shop and support the organization. No matter what method, fundraising is an important aspect in every nonprofit.

3. Pinterest can be used to increase SEO and get people to our website.
Pinterest can help organizations gain more digital exposure. Mixing original images with images from other non-profits can boost their sphere of influence. Plus, an organization can easily connect Pinterest to a variety of other social platforms, like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, leading to easy cross-promotion.

But most importantly, the images and videos an organization shares on Pinterest can be linked back to the original source. In other words, if an organization posts engaging pictures and videos that link back to their website, they will have the added bonus of increased traffic.

Both for-profit and non-profits can benefit from the story-telling that Pinterest offers, all while reaching a demographic, females. Every organization has a story to tell and Pinterest wants to help you share it. After all, as we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words.

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