Darren Dahl vs. Google AdWords

Google AdWords isn’t a problem. It only spotlights survival of the fittest, accelerated to the high degree by technological progress.Google AdWords continues to be a major player in internet marketing, but is the power of this tool waning?

In his article in The New York Times, titled ‘Small Players Seek an Alternative to the Expense of Pay-Per-Click’, author Darren Dahl argues that Google AdWords may no longer be worth it. Is this true – has AdWords become ineffective?

By now, marketers have had plenty of time to understand Google AdWords. They are much better at using AdWords today than they were a couple years ago. Naturally, a lot more money flowed into PPC play, driving aggressive AdWords competition.

Like with any tool, the longer it exists, the more people use it, the better they become, and the tougher it is to rise above the rest. The select few who focus on ways to effectively communicate their organization’s value proposition through Google AdWords will continue to enjoy handsome returns, while the rest will be left to fight over the leftovers.

Those who can’t compete effectively will be ousted and forced to look for less competitive alternatives where their ineffectiveness will be forgivable. But then again, this will only last for a while, because once a critical mass of marketers becomes familiar with a tool or platform, the cycle will repeat itself.

Google AdWords isn’t a problem. It only spotlights survival of the fittest, accelerated to the high degree by technological progress.

Our advice: Learn how to exploit AdWords to get closer to your target audience, or pull out.


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