7 Key Steps of How SAP produced 27% Lift in Incremental Sales Leads, at 20% Lower Cost

7 Key Steps of How SAP produced 27% Lift in Incremental Sales Leads, at 20% Lower CostFour years ago, Shawn Burns, Vice President of Digital Marketing, SAP, was tasked with creating enterprise Web analytics at SAP. The company was running many major Web properties, but lacked a “single source of truth” on Web activity.

Before implementing enterprise Web analytics, different Internet properties used different analytic resources. “Some are using free cloud-based systems like Google Analytics, others are using systems that are provided third party through their agencies of record,” Burns explained. He added having a single source of truth is a very standard business requirement to put Web analytics in place.

“You implement a system [with a single source of truth] and really very quickly overnight, you go from no clear visibility because of inconsistent reporting systems, to crystal clear and transparent visibility,” Burns said.

He continued, “You know what your Web traffic is, where it’s coming from, how many unique visitors and what they are doing on your sites.”

Formalizing a testing and optimization program and really taking command of data analytics can be a powerful marketing asset. This Marketing Sherpa case study takes an in-depth look at how SAP created a Test Lab and produced a 27% lift in incremental sales leads, with 20% marketing budget saving, and these are the seven key steps:

Step #1. Leverage the single source of truth and recognize the challenge it creates

Step #2. Create a dedicated Web analytics team

Step #3. Develop a three-legged stool strategy (Platform, Team, Process)

Step #4. Create a testing and optimization queue

Step #5. Retain the learnings from previous tests

Step #6. Achieve company-wide buy-in for the testing and optimization program

Step #7. Use testing and optimization to continually improve marketing efforts

SAP Test Lab is an internal team at SAP dedicated to testing the SAP web presence. Using data from real customers, SAP Test Lab finds what works best to drive more leads from the traffic you already have, right now. That way, you can optimize your marketing strategy by uncovering new insights about your visitors and how to serve them best.

How would you describe your testing process?

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