The Job of Social Media Editor is Dead

Good News: The Job of Social Media Editor is DeadLast week, Buzzfeed writer Rob Fishman said that “it’s been a bad few months for the babblers,” also known as social media editors. Is it true—are we witnessing the decline of an era? Are social media editors about to become extinct?

The answer is yes. And that’s great news.

Typically, social media editors are social media experts who companies hired in hoards to work in many different departments. These experts were responsible for curating and writing social content, sharing information, creating hashtags, talking with fans, etc. The hours were never-ending and burnout was high.

Now, social media has moved away from the hands of a single pointman and has integrated into the day-to-day operations. For example, journalists use social channels to find sources and confirm leads. Web designers incorporate social media buttons and widgets into site redesigns. SEO specialists optimize websites knowing that it has to be social media-friendly. Salespeople increasingly sell brands on their sizable social audiences. And that’s only a small sample of the changes happening.

Social media is transitioning away from being misunderstood, underappreciated, and ostracized. It is organically becoming a part of how organizations operate, and social media responsibilities are now frequently found across all levels. In other words, social media has become so central that having a specific person dedicated to doing it seems outdated and impractical.

So hurrah! The role of social media editor is slowly fading. Now we can get back to the important things, and now we all have social media tools to get it done.

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