Google’s Hummingbird – A Seismic Shift In Thinking

Google's Hummingbird - A Seismic Shift In Thinking | OpinionMake no mistake, Google’s Hummingbird update is much more than just another search engine algorithm update.

It represents a seismic shift in focus on ranking sites from better indexing and crawling the Net to better relevance. Simply put, Google’s Hummingbird is all about getting closer to the individual. And since this change is estimated to affect 90%+ of the Google searches, the message is clear: Provide the best answers by understanding and serving your customers’ thought process and the digital gods (Google) shall reward you; Hang onto your legacy thinking instead, and watch your “brochure-ware” digital presence turn digital compost.

Google’s Hummingbird update is only the latest validation that getting closer to the individual is the most important dimension to realize long-term organizational growth strategy in the next three to five years.






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