Debunking Content Marketing Myths, Part 2

Debunking Content Marketing Myths, Part 2Welcome back to our series debunking the myths that plague content marketing. This week, we’re discussing a couple more myths that need to go away.

Myth #4: Content marketing isn’t necessary if you already have social media.
Content strategist Jay Baer said it best: “Content is fire. Social media is gasoline.”

Many organizations invest time and effort into creating and maintaining social media presence. But it’s impossible to keep a regular editorial if you don’t have something compelling to share.

It can be tricky to constantly create new content for social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter because it requires different wording and imagery than a standard press release or blog post. Whether the content pre-existed on digital platforms or it was made especially for social media, don’t rely on the mere existence of a Facebook page or Twitter account to guarantee success.

Myth #5: Content marketing has no long-term impact.
Remember, nothing digital is gone forever. One piece of content can live multiple lives, through many channels of distribution like email, PR, advertising and social media. Seasonal changes, anniversaries, and other current events can make old content relevant overnight.

Good content planning should include the repurposing of evergreen material and sharing it when appropriate. Turning content objects into new forms gives your audience information in a way that better connects with their consumption preferences.

So take your content seriously. Anything you make today has potential to be useful again in a week, month, or a year. Repurposing content ensures that you never lack content, which could weaken your brand’s credibility and level of awareness.

That’s it! Any other content marketing myths we missed?

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