Is Selfies Culture Good or Bad For Business?

Is Selfies Culture Good or Bad For Business?Selfies are self-portraits most often taken and shared with a smartphone.

Yes, many experts think they’re a fad. And yes, people freaked out when “selfie” became the word of the year in 2013. And this means selfies have opportunity and potential to affect your bottom line.

The most famous selfies like Ellen DeGeneres at the Oscars or Red Sox hitter David Ortiz took with President Obama reached millions of people and promoted big brands like Samsung. Don’t be fooled, there are ways for small businesses to benefit from the rise of selfies too.

In fact, selfies might be a good way to reach niche audiences. Only 3% to 5% of images on Instagram and Twitter are selfies, which means there’s an opportunity to reach a very specific set of people.

If your product can be associated with ideas like “look at me”, “exciting” and “fun,” then you should consider trying out a selfie campaign. Products like jewellery, make up, physical additions that make people feel good about themselves – these are things people want to show off, and giving them the opportunity to do so is a good reason for a selfie promotion.

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