7 Ways to Make Customers Hate You

7 Ways to Make Customers Hate YouGeoffrey James’ article “7 Ways to Make Customers Love You” was one of the most popular articles on Inc.com. This made us wonder, wouldn’t it be worth sharing some common mistakes to avoid?

So, we compiled our own top seven “not-to-do” list:

1. Ignore customer comments and complaints.

It’s a fact of life— Customers have opinions. You can either ignore their comments and pretend that their criticisms don’t exist, or you can embrace their ideas. Sure, it takes time and resources to listen, but in the long-run, if you’re not listening to your market, then you might not be in business for much longer.

2. Make your website difficult to use.

We’ve all been there: poor navigation, confusing graphics, and a glut of irrelevant information. Nothing is a worse for customers than struggling with a website when they’re browsing for information or trying to make a purchase. Not only is your website the face of your company to the public, most users have high expectations about website design and usability.

3. Highlight stale content on social media platforms.

Want more followers and fans? Don’t feature old content. Outdated information gives customers no incentive to engage with your brand. If you treat social media like a fad, then your customers won’t take it seriously either.

4. Use fake testimonials.

The Internet cuts out the middleman and lets users form communities naturally. Customers ratings are an important way potential customers evaluate their options and make a purchase decision. You will decimate every shred of credibility if your customer sense fake testimonials. It is not worth it.

5. Spam your customers with tons of direct mail and email.

There’s always something happening with your business—a sale, a contest, a new product launch—and it’s tempting to share updates with your customers. However, people have limited patience with what they perceive as “junk mail” or email. Be selective about how often you contact your customer, or they might start flinching any time they see your company’s name in their mailbox or inbox.

6. Keep them on hold…forever.

We know you’re running a business, but people aren’t numbers and they don’t want to be treated as such. Customer service require lots attention, especially since a happy customer means repeat business. Plus, developing a strong relationship with your customers can give you insights about how to improve your quality of service, not just your bottom line.

7. Never change.

Nothing is set in stone. Even mega corporations change their digital strategies and communications plans when things aren’t going their way. In the web world, staying static is the same thing as giving up. It’s a signal to your customers that you’re not working to improve the way your business is run and you don’t have as much value to offer them.

Is there something we missed?

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