More Is Not Better, Even On Facebook

More Is Not Better, Even On FacebookSometimes, Facebook feels like a race. Let’s make a fan page! Let’s get as many fans as possible! More is better the theory goes.

Unfortunately, more is not the same as better. The quality of “Likes” is more important than the quantity of people doing the “Liking.” Ideally, your Facebook fans will have a special interest in your company, and they will want to participate in conversations. Eventually, they will talk about your brand in their personal Facebook pages and within their social network spheres.

Often, companies run campaigns to increase the number of Likes to their fan page, but often at the expense of missing engagement opportunities with existing followers. This leads to brands creating content geared at forcing users to Like their brand instead of leaving it up to the user to choose whether they want to start a social relationship with the brand.

These “shallow” likes lead to users clicking the Like button, but never returning. In other words, an active Facebook user who carefully selects only 10 brands to like is much more valuable than a user who likes every single brand they see, and who’s feed is clogged up with brands vying for their attention.

Instead of making a campaign solely for the purpose of increasing likes, generate a long-term plan for engaging the community. Try posting between 3 and 5 times per week at optimal times of day and days of the week. Create stories that your fans will look forward to reading in their timelines and that they will be motivated to like, share, and comment on.

Indeed, quality is more important than quantity. Focusing on engagement is a much better use of time, money, and resources than chasing a large crowd of people who are only nominally interested in your company in the long-run.

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