4 Ways Perfectionism Gets In The Way of Your Success

4 Ways Perfectionism Gets In The Way of Your SuccessTechnology makes an allure of achieving perfection ever so reachable. Nowadays it is so seductively easy to edit copy, tweak imagery, or reconfigure plans at your fingertips, that it brings it’s own set of challenges.

Sure, perfectionism encourages diligence, attention to detail, and hard work – qualities that we expect from high quality products and services. However, perfectionism has a dark side. It can…

  1. Prevent you from taking a calculated risk
  2. Kill your creativity
  3. Cause stress and anxiety
  4. Waste time!

It’s a paradox. On the one hand, it’s important to set high standards for yourself. But spontaneity is its own skill, and you need to give yourself space to experiment. The more we strive for perfection, the more we tinker and over-engineer. This can lead to negative ROI or a less quality product or service.

Plus, your perfectionism can have a negative effect on others. Coworkers can buckle under the pressure of unrealistic expectations. People may stop asking questions because they don’t want to be perceived as incompetent.

Building a healthy relationship with perfectionism can be complicated. Remember to celebrate your successes, and as importantly, your failures as learning experiences. Be in the present and give your full attention the moment as it happens.

In today’s rapidly changing environment, being a perfectionist in your career can hold you back. Don’t let perfectionism get in the way of achievement, no matter what stereotypes have led you to believe.

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