Online Marketing: The Most Important Question To Ask

Online Marketing: The Most Important Question To AskBeing a leader means wearing a lot of hats at once—motivator, fact-checker, teacher, meditator – and leading means knowing how to ask the right questions.

In a timeless article for Inc., Tom Searcy reminds readers that we need to ask ourselves, “What are we learning?”. In the world of online marketing, this is the single most important question you can ask.

Think about: online media is changing every day. Users are finding new ways to use the Internet. Every business has different online needs, and professionals are doing their best to keep up. Between content strategy, analyzing metrics, SEO, SEM, engagement, and many other things, it’s a lot to juggle. It’s imprudent to think you’ll have all the answers all the time. It’s impossible.

With the rise of Big Data, leaders have to focus on the facts, not spreading the blame. In other words, while every group should be asking themselves “What are we learning?” they should avoid asking “Who’s to blame?” (even when it’s very tempting). Wagging fingers is a waste of time, especially when the online world keeps spinning whether you’re paying attention or not.

So, what have you learned today?


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